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Our Team

We offer amazing skate lessons either at home or at any park all over the Miami and Hollywood area.

Call or Text 7863947314 or Email to setup skateboard lessons with one of our amazing coaches. 

Once payment is processed and dates are all set, appointments MUST be confirmed through our scheduling application.

Lessons are planned 5 days ahead of time.

Each student MUST have their own lesson.


Cancelation fees may apply.

All sales are final.

Group Lessons are up to 4 skaters per coach.

Incase of inclement weather the coach assigned will decide prior to the lesson if the lesson will continue as scheduled.



All types of Lessons

At Miami Skate  Academy we offer many different ways of training. Our first priority is to maintain the fun in skateboarding. Secondly we focus on discipline towards proper preparation for basic riding and trick learning.

  • 1 on 1 Training - One hour and 30 minutes
  • Group Lessons  - up to 4 students per instructor
  • Spring/Summer/Winter Camp - two to three hours 
  • After School Camps - Must RSVP 
                          Call (786) 394 -7314

Skate Coaches

Get to know some of the instructors


Nicholas Marra 
Skateboarding for 6 year rides for  kato skateboards I have previously taught kids Jiu-Jitsu/ self defense classes and have worked as a summer camp counselor. Kids are the future and we are creating an atmosphere where they can come and develop their skills at a fast & safe pace


Jorge Torres
Born and raised in Miami Florida has been skating since he was 13 years young. He picked up his first board from his bestfriend and has not stopped since. He began coaching in his late teenage years as a part time skate camp counselor. Loved it so much that he began to do non profit work with company's such as Boards for Bros Florida.

Yamil Cerpas

Skateboarding for 13  years 
Sponsors:  Do Our Best, Yoint County

Started skateboarding of video games, and the curiosity grew from there. After that I started watching skate videos. Since my sisters knew about my house interest. She bought me my first board when i was 13 and that was start of my progression from there.

Dan Hare 

28 years skating 
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With just the right level of firmness I am able to motivate and keep the students focused on progressing without turning them down from skateboarding. I have an early childhood education degree from Burton Raymer Tech School in Mexico N.Y. It is a privilege to be able to help some of the youth in Miami in sharing the love for skateboarding I have. 

Tony Rodriguez

21 Years Skating
Sponsors: Fresherheadsthreads

When I started skating , I didn't have anyone to look up to or to help me progress. Since I began coaching a few years ago I've noticed the difference in how fast someone can progress with proper guidance from the start. I've always had a passion for teaching and have attended college for early childhood education. Coaching to me means to use what I have learned and apply it to something I love.


Customers Experience


My son has been skating with Yoint  Academy for three months now and it has been such an amazing experience for us since day one. Before starting he had no skateboarding experience. As soon as he started with a coach he began to progress right away. I remember on his second lesson he was paralyzed with fear to try something and his coach stood by him for a while and gave him the assurance to try it. Once he conquered that fear the smile on his face was from ear to ear and he fell in love with skateboarding. As a mom at first I was worried that it would be too difficult for him since he was the youngest kid at only 5 years old but the coaches have been beyond incredible and dedicated to him one on one. When ever he's learning something new and is afraid or anxious, the coaches are so patient and encouraging with him. He has gotten so much confidence in these last three months. He now goes down ramps on his own and is learning new tricks. I also like that he's able to rotate coaches and learn different things/styles from everyone. All the instructors are very nice and professional and the other kids have been so friendly and inclusive. The vibe at the park is like that of a skate family. Everybody cheers for each other. We are very happy and thankful to be a part of this.